Part of shipping history

RGR Logistics, based in the Netherlands, operates across six global locations including Aberdeen, Dubai, Singapore and Norway, providing Tubular Stockyard, Logistics and Chartering, Supply Chain Management and Warehousing in these key areas.


Constantly improving service level through time...

Bumpy roads....

Post pandemic, the industry has faced tremendous shortages of equipment, namely trucks, containers and vessel space, increased shipping costs by factor 10 or above. Making international business for commodities impossible. The backlog of consumer goods stranded in ports around the world, with particular emphasis on Chinese ports, where exports came to a complete halt, has had a significant hit on European ports, pushing prices up on sea freight, airfreight and trucking. Just as economy and transportation were progressing to a reasonable level globally, the industry was hit again. War in Ukraine has the world, and more specifically the energy sector, in a stranglehold effecting everyone from businesses to consumers, not forgetting the appalling humanitarian consequences. The cost of fuel and electricity quickly became the major expense in our businesses as well as our homes, again economies bearing the brunt. “From our early days in this business, when oil and gas was ‘our’ market, and customer contact was conducted by phone and fax, then fast forward to today’s industry where sustainability and compliance are key and adaptation and flexibility are required across the organization.

Two Black Swan events.....

.....may just be one too many for businesses and individuals. Working within these limitations RGR Logistics and Euroline Shipping have proudly maintained their service levels and customer satisfaction, powered by decades of experience is both ship’s agency and global logistics and executed by a young, dynamic and progressive team.

Looking ahead to the future

“Without the combined effort of both organizations and the strong team behind them throughout this period, we would not be in a position to deliver our excellent global service. This will continue as the management teamwork towards the end goal of full merger and integration of the activities of both companies, providing a broader scope of services to existing and new customers. We traditionally operate in and around various energy sectors, providing sustainable solutions as well as extensive compliance, aligning personal service with high demands and bottom line; this is what we do.”

Common grounds

Taking the synergies between vessel agency services and global logistics in key global locations and integrating into a full service has positioned RGR Logistics as a single solution provider to meet strict requirements and demands from clients, whether ship owners or international trading companies. Both companies have undergone a brand refresh to signify the key integration of services. RGR Logistics and Euroline Shipping are ready to take on new challenges with familiar faces, providing value to new and existing customers.

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